About Simplicity

Simplicity is a user-friendly and non-complex system where users are able to manage all of their current projects and tasks. By creating an account, including a username and password, or logging in with an account which was already made, users will have individual and unique access to their page where all projects and tasks will be kept track of. To begin, users can add projects by clicking the plus icon, writing the project's title and giving it a description, submitting the information, and then view all their current projects in a list from most recent to oldest. From there, users can add tasks within their projects, by providing information describing the task as well as the day it needs to be completed by. This allows users to further organize what they need to complete and give more details than simply adding only a project description. This application permits users to visualize the work they need to get done and have a way to manage their time well!

The purpose of Simplicity is to give users a better and simpler experience as they try to get their work in order! Through the use of micro-interactions, such as the icons for adding projects and tasks, archiving a project and completing a task, it allows users to have a simpler time understanding the system they are using and also make the layout look clean but also dynamic! The icons are very recognizable and act as a fun element to a more simple system. As for the colour palette, shades of grey, a muted dark blue, a dusty pink and an off-white were implemented since these colours give off the feeling of calmness, which is something that we all need when dealing with high stress levels due to our projects. When it comes to the typeface, it had to match the feeling of the design, so I chose a font that wasn't too bold or loud, just a basic, easy-to-read typeface. The design of the user interface for Simplicity was made for users to be able to organize their work with no headaches whatsoever! Overall, the look of Simplicity compliments this statement and will be an efficient tool that anyone can use!

By Isabella Vicenzo