Isabella Vicenzo

A Fun Summer Day!

Picture this: It is the first day of Summer and you want to start off with a bang! So you decide to get a couple of friends together and take on an adventure, whatever that may be! Here is what you and your friends came up with, using three different types of animations to illustrate your day!


The day starts off by taking a mini roadtrip, just listening to music and enjoying the scenic views around, with no destination in mind.

(Created using the frame-by-frame animation technique)

The Dancing Flowers

While driving, you notice beautiful flowers blowing in the wind, almost like they're dancing to the music everyone is jamming out to!

(Created using a seven-frame sprite sheet)

Staying Cool in the Pool

You end up stopping at a beach. Everyone runs to the ocean and dives in. For a few hours, you and your friends hang at the beach, suntanning, swimming and making memories!

(Created using the frame-by-frame animation technique)

We All Scream for Ice Cream

And lastly, a fun Summer day can not be completed without delicious ice cream with all the fixins! So you all go to your favorite ice cream shop and dig into your flavourful ice cream!

(Created using SVG and GSAP animation)