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Isabella Vicenzo

Hi! I'm Isabella and this is my Web 2 homepage!
Here are some interesting facts about me:

1. I'm half Portuguese and half Italian!

2. I am super family oriented and I never get tired of spending time with them!

3. I love playing UNO (My dad and I get way too competitive!!)

4. A show I'm currently loving is The Vampire Diaries!

Animated Websites:

The purpose of including animation in websites could be for making the user's visit more pleasant, creating a very unique site, or even just condensing information! Specifically for Lululemon and Brooklyn and Bailey's shop, the animation is used mostly for the convenience of the users! As you hover over the products, you can see a different view of the product and this helps make shopping easier since you don't need to click on each individual product you like and always have to go back to the main page!