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Memories from Portugal

Photos compiled by Isabella Vicenzo

This gallery is composed of many pictures from my trip to Portugal last summer! I'm actually half Portuguese and this was my first time visiting Portugal, so this trip is very special to me! I travelled with my grandparents through cities such as, Porto, Fatima, Aveiro and others, while experiencing a new culture and just a new way of life. Though I took plenty of photos during my vacation, I picked some of my favorites that are very memorable! So take a look and see Portugal through the eyes of Isabella!

The beautiful umbrellas of Agueda
Beach in Algarve
Albufeira beach in Algarve
The boats passing through Aveiro
Farol da Barra
The tallest lighthouse at the Praia da Barra
Me and my grandparents
My lovely grandparents and I
The church built in honor of Nossa Senhora in Fatima
The beachside city of Torreira
Porto, the city known for its wine
Barbeque chicken and salad with Portugal's one of a kind french fries
My grandmother's growing flowers
A Portuguese Market
Walking through the market to buy souveniers
Blue tiles on a building
Detailed tiling on a building in Porto

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