Video & Audio
Isabella Vicenzo

Exercise 1.1

Here is a loop showing the gorgeous lake in Dorval, shot through a hole created by some branches!

Exercise 2.1

"A Better Look" is a composition of 9 types of filming techniques which help create a better and deeper look at some things that we may not appreciate enough. Whether that be the people around us, the nature that surrounds us, or the architecture we spend time in, take a better look at all of it by watching my video!

Project 2

For the concept of my montage, I thought it would be fun to film what my regular walks look like! When looking for subjects to film, I found that I really took into account the little things, like the small flowers, the leaves blowing in the wind and even the ducks swimming! It made me definitely appreciate the nature around me! Here is my montage!

Exercise 3.1

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought it would be a fun idea to do a little stop motion video showing a bunch of chocolates and other treats uncovering a "Happy Halloween!!" message! For some extra fun, I added a sound effect (from of a witch laughing. Without further ado, here is my Halloween-themed stop motion!

Exercise 4.1

As we learned about audio and all the ways to achieve good quality audio, I created this audio composition using 3 types of audio, using a lav mic, a phone (direct mic), and using 2 phones (one for video and one for audio). I had never previously used a lav mic and with this exercise, I realized how good the sound production really is when using this mic! Here is the video!

Exercise 4.2

Shot list

- Opening scene of showing task at hand (make Halloween costume) and include picture of the inspiration for the costume
- Getting materials together : Ordering wigs, gathering scissors, buying construction paper & tape, etc.
- Receiving package of wigs in the mail (includes voice)
- Making the wands and crowns: sketching, cutting and sticking everything together (lots of b-roll)
- Picking out my outfit from my closet
- Individual clips of putting on all the accessories
- Vertical pan shot from bottom to top, showing the entire costume
- Friend coming over to get into her costume
- Overall look of our duo costume
- Closing scene of checking off the task, including a picture of our final costume

Cosmo & Wanda from the Fairly OddParents

Project 4

For my event, I filmed the getting ready process for Halloween night! With a costume in mind, I began by gathering all the necessary materials and putting everything together. Throughout the process, you can see lots of b-roll and clips that create a fun and interesting feeling! Here is the video!

Exercise 5.1


Introduction : Welcoming audience to the show, conversation with audience which sets up the intro to the celebrity (Justin Bieber)
Interview portion :
- How are you doing?
- How is married life with Hailey Bieber?
- Any plans for the holidays?
- What will you be doing in New York?
Cut to commercial break!
*Potentially playing a little game in between to break up the interview*
Return back to interview where host sets up questions about celebrity's new project (Justin's collaboration with Tim Hortons)
Last few questions :
- What are Timbiebs?
- Why did you want to collaborate with Tim Hortons to make these new timbits?
- When can people get them?
Closing the show : Thanking the celebrity for coming on the show, telling the audience that the show will return after the commercial break (indicating that the segment with Justin Bieber is over)

Exercise 5.2

Here's a sneak peak of what the lighting + camera setup will be for my interview!

Exercise 5.2 cont.

Here's a Ganntt chart showing how I organized my tasks and deadlines for my interview!

Exercise 5.2 cont.

Gear/Props needed

- 3 phones
- 2 chairs
- A coffee table
- 2 mugs
- Christmas decorations
- Multiple candles
- A Phone stand

Exercise 5.2 cont.

Describing the set

The majority of my interview takes place in this area, which consists of two chairs for the host and the celebrity and a coffee table separating us. In addition, there are some props I used to fill in the background such as the mugs which can always been seen on Ellen's table. Also, the Christmas tree and other decorations were essential for making the set more interesting, and they even became a part of the introduction of the celebrity, acting as a transition from welcoming the audience to introducing the interviewee! My goal was to get my set to appear as similar to Ellen's studio as possible, and even though it isn't identical, there are defintely some elements which can be seen in her show!

Project 5

For my final project, I decided to make a parody of one of my favourite talk shows, The Ellen Show! So without further ado, introducing the Hellen Show!