Introducing our newest application, DontForgetMe! This app allows users to enter the description and quantity of an item they are looking to buy and add it to their shopping list. Each time the users press the "Add Item" button, the item and quantity will appear on the screen as well as be stored in our database. Our app was made for the convieniece of our users so once they go shopping, they will be 100% prepared! You may be thinking, what makes this app better than using pen and paper? Well, instead of using a new paper for each weekly shopping trip, you could take the more eco-friendly option since this app allows users to delete their list and make a new one. Everytime the "Reset List" button is clicked, the list will disappear along with the data stored in the database. DontForgetMe is here to help you shop more efficiently and make sure that nothing gets forgotten!

Our app’s name comes from the weekly worries of shoppers who are scared of forgetting an item they really need! So “DontForgetMe” gives off the message that by using this app, no item will be left behind! For the style of the app, we chose to go with a monochromatic look using different tones of blue since this color is very pleasing and relaxing to the eye. Also, we kept the design aspect to a minimum so that users have no confusion when it comes to how to work the app. The main purpose of our app is to allow users to keep track of their weekly grocery needs so minimizing the design keeps the app appealing but not overwhelming.

Our database is composed of four columns. The ID column will store numbers, and with the data type being int(11) and with Auto Increment on, each item and quantity that is entered will be identified with its own unique number. The description column will store all of the user's items, and the data type is varchar(255) so that only letters can be written in this text field. On the other hand, the quantity column is where the quantities of each item are located, and this data type is int(11) in order for the users to only be allowed to write in numbers. Lastly, the created column contains the date and time of the user's activity on the app, meaning each time they add a new item to their list. This column uses the timestamp data type which allows the database to collect this information.

Overall, I learned a lot about the process of making an app and especially making it work! The biggest challenge I encountered was how to change the sample code provided and make it connect to my own database. It took a bit of time however, I was able to figure it out and now I have my DontForgetMe App that serves its purpose of letting users enter items and quantities, create a list, and reset the list once their shopping trip is completed!