Helping Hand

The Helping Hand App is designed to aid in organizing primary school teachers’ tasks as well as indicate the tasks that they have already completed. On the main page, there are two lists displayed beside each other and teachers can add their tasks and they will fall into the first list. Once a task is completed, teachers can click the pencil button and that task will be moved to the other list and become light gray to let you know that it has been completed. In addition, there is a login feature, where teachers can log in with a unique username or if they have not previously made an account, they can create a new username. This app is a great way to really visualize what you need to get done and keep track of what you have accomplished throughout the day!

For the design, I kept the colours to a minimum since I was asked for something super user-friendly and simple to use and not to have any complicated features or overwhelming designs. The background colour is light peach so that it can be universal to every teacher and the tasks, which are displayed in black, will be easy for the eye to see on top of the background and creates a nice contrast. Since, the black text and white buttons can be a little plain, adding the light peach colour can bring some excitement to the interface, making teachers feel excited for the week ahead and eager to get organized using the Helping Hand App.

Helping Hand App Documentation