Catch Up

Catch Up is an application that is intended to be used by the design agency AAA&A for their personal needs, which is to be able to send and read messages between users to communicate on project details. This app was created with this company’s wishes in mind, making it super easy and simple to use, while still including all the features that were wanted. First, users will be presented with a log in page where they can enter their name and password in two text fields and log into the messaging system. If the user does not have an account, they can instead create a new account by entering an alias, their name and password. After users are presented with the "Start catching up now!" message, they can log in with their information! Now, users will be presented with a list of the other users in the system and they can choose who they want to send a message to. Once in a conversation, users can write and send a message to another user and begin a private conversation that no other users can see. The Catch Up app is a super simple and flexible system to use and it will make communication in AAA&A’s design agency more efficient.

As I mentioned before, AAA&A is looking for a system that is simple so when it came to the design, I kept it very minimal. The colour palette I chose consisted of a dusty rose colour and also multiple variations of purple and I think that these colours can be very universal! Generally, the dusty rose colour was used for the background and the darkest purple was used for the text to create a good contrast. Also, in the conversation page, the message bubbles are different colours to differentiate which messages are from which users. For the buttons, I decided to make them all round to give a more playful look to allow for users to have an enjoyable experience. I’ve also included a few other features in order to make users’ experience more enjoyable such as a log out button, a back button, effects on buttons when they are clicked and much more. This app has an overall clean layout and it truly can suit the needs of the design agency AAA&A.

Catch Up App Documentation