Ex 1.2 : Web Improvement

Feedback from Bianca & Veronica :

- Display some of client's work on homepage or add customer reviews.
- Remove padding on banner image on 'About Me' page.
- Reduce number of photos in the galleries to create white space and minimize overwhelmingness to the eye.
- Create categories within each gallery of different themes of desserts.
- Increase size of drop downs and left align text on 'Create' page.
- Keep the consistency of text colors and text boxes between all pages.
- Remove pink square on 'Create' page.
- Change footer text from white to black.
- Move the input text to the top of text box on 'Contact' page.

Changes to be made :

- Add client reviews to 'About Me' page.
- Remove padding on banner image on 'About Me' page.
- Add white space between photos in galleries and limit the amount of photos in each category.
- Modify 'Create' page to keep consistency with 'Contact' page.
- Remove the pink square on the 'Create' page.
- Change footer text from white to black.
- Fix the input text in the text boxes.
- Add a favicon.

CakesbyCecilia's original site

Web Improvement Project : Client site

CakesbyCecilia - Baking & cake decorating

My client is an at-home baker who has been in the cake business for over a decade. Looking to give her clientele and new customers a place to see what she has to offer, Cecilia wanted a site that can mainly provide clients with a gallery of her work as well as her contact information!

Old version of the site

Visit the improved site

Ex 2.1 : Print Improvement

Feedback from Bianca & Veronica :

- The black triangles above and below the eyes should have a higher opacity to be able to show the texture of the skin through the colour.
- Eyeshadow is very well blended!
- Fix the makeup on the nose, make it more blended onto skin rather than just on top.
- Try a darker purple for the lip liner instead of black.
- Create more of a natural blend or ombré effect on the lips to blend the colours together.
- Tone down the vibrancy of the purple hue of the lips.

Changes to be made :

- Changing the concept from clown makeup to a colourful, vibrant, and eye-catching makeup look!
- Making sure the texture of the skin is visible underneath all the makeup.
- Make colours blend together better and look quite seamless.

Clown makeup created on Photoshop

Print Improvement Project : Natural makeup

Creating the look for the party!

The original project was to choose a clown makeup look and replicate it using the tools we learned in Photoshop. Instead of doing clown makeup, I decided to create a more natural glam look with pops of colour as it is better suited as a portfolio piece to show the natural modifications I can do.

Natural glam look created on Photoshop

Print Case Study : 50th Birthday Party

Branding for an event!

See how I conceptualized the perfect party design for my mother's surprise 50th birthday party. The outcome was the official invitation, seating cards, and table & card signage. My case study includes my inspiration, challenges, process, and key learnings.

View print case study

Web Case Study :
Burger N' Bite

Online game

Learn more about Burger N' Bite in my case study! From the challenges, process, and solutions, to the colours and typography used, see how this game's original concept came to life.

View the case study

Play the game!